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Things to do in Italy Arena Amfitheater pula skip the line tickets


Things to do in Italy What to see in Pula, Croatia tickets to the arena entrance to the Pula Amphitheater skip the line (go whenever you want). You can also give it to whoever you want with one of our vouchers as a gift box for a birthday or a special occasion. Ask for info at whatsapp  n. 3333216400 BOOK NOW ARENA AMFITHEATER COLISEUM PULA SKIP THE LINE  TICKETS ADULTS AND KIDS 


Things to do in Italy Visit Pula Arena in Croatia with skip-the-line priority entrance tickets

Pula Arena entrance voucher with fun skip-the-line tickets for couples or families with kids 


By purchasing the ticket voucher for the entrance to the Arena Amphitheater of Pula in Croatia skip-the-line valid also for the month of August you can do it on the chosen day and enjoy in complete freedom all the wonders of the sea without limits at the scheduled times on the specific day of access. online payment how it works: Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the voucher in PDF format. The voucher with a discount compared to the official price charged can only be purchased online. You do not need a discount code or coupon, you introduce yourself directly to the experience with qr code. , The voucher is usable and transferable (eg gift) and subject to the experience use regulation. The voucher is non-refundable and must be presented directly at the entrance turnstiles. The validity of the voucher cannot be modified or extended. It is necessary to print the voucher or present it on a smartphone.
Explore the Pula Arena in Croatia the best preserved magnificent amphitheater of ancient Rome. Be amazed by delving into the history of Pula’s ancient gladiator arena and learn about 2,000 years of history of the amphitheater and one of the most famous sights in Croatia. Travel back in time and discover what the customs and traditions of the ancient Romans were like in Pula. You do not need a discount code or coupon present them directly to the experience with qr code.

Journey into the Heart of Ancient Rome: Explore the Remarkable Amphitheater of Pula

Prepare to be awestruck by the extraordinary preservation of one of the finest Roman sites as you gain access to a captivating permanent exhibition nestled within the underground gladiator area. This promises to be a cultural adventure that will transport you to the fascinating world of ancient Rome, offering respite from the bustling beaches and immersing you in the history of Roman Histria.

Your Unforgettable Experience: Your journey unfolds at the ancient amphitheater of Pula, a place where the city’s inhabitants once gathered to revel in the spectacles of gladiatorial combat and thrilling animal hunts. With your pre-paid entrance ticket, you’ll have the privilege of exploring this magnificent ancient site, unburdened by crowds or long lines.

The Iconic Amphitheater: The Pula Amphitheater stands as an enduring symbol of the city, renowned not only for its historical significance but also as one of Croatia’s most popular and beautiful event venues. This ancient arena has witnessed concerts, festivals, and even the recreation of gladiatorial tournaments during the balmy summer months.

A Glimpse into Antiquity: The Permanent Exhibition: Your visit takes an exciting turn as you gain access to the permanent exhibition titled “Istrian Olive and Viticulture in Antiquity,” situated in the very underground chambers once inhabited by gladiators during their epic tournaments.

Unveiling Ancient Techniques: Within the exhibition, you’ll have the opportunity to see remarkable reproductions of tools and equipment that were pivotal in the production of olive oil and wine in antiquity. From mills to presses and sedimentation tanks, these artifacts offer a window into the ingenuity of the ancient world. Discover the fascinating history behind amphorae, used as vessels for transporting precious oils and wines across the Roman Empire.

A Voyage Through Time: Your visit to the underground exhibition is not just a glimpse into the past; it’s a journey that will transport you to a bygone era, where the richness of Istrian culture and viticulture is unveiled in captivating detail.

Book Your Adventure: The Amphitheater of Pula and its underground treasures offer a unique opportunity to connect with the legacy of ancient Rome. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culture connoisseur, or simply a traveler seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, this is an adventure not to be missed.

Prepare to marvel at the wonders of the Pula Amphitheater, gain insight into ancient techniques, and journey through time in the heart of Roman Histria. Book your adventure today and uncover the hidden treasures of this remarkable Roman site.


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ROMAN HISTRIA: Pula is one of the few cities in the world that has such a large number of Roman monuments in such a small area. The list of monuments is long, the most famous being the Amphitheater which is the sixth largest among the preserved buildings of its kind in the world and one of the symbols of Pula and Istria. During the summer months, concerts are not to be missed but we also suggest you participate in the Spectacvla Antiqva gladiator fights. However, if you decide to take a walk around the city, the inevitable Roman points are the Arch of the Sergi – Port ‘Aurea, the Porta Gemina, the Roman mosaic, the Temple of Augustus … The list of Roman monuments in Pula it never ends! On the Vižula peninsula in Medulin there was a luxurious Roman villa, also called the villa of Crispo. It is believed that the villa was inhabited by members of the imperial family, Crispus was the son of Emperor Constantine, to whom numerous intriguing stories are associated. The Vižula Multimedia Archaeological Park has enriched the area by making it a fun destination for the whole family. At the entrance, put on your WR / AR glasses and admire the views, discover the adrenaline park, the smart benches, an e-tree and the hot spot area. Enjoy the walk on the peninsula and discover this idyllic location admired by the Romans
ARENA DI POLA: the most important and most famous monument of this beautiful and ancient Roman city. Once upon a time, gladiator fights were organized in the Pula Arena. It was built in the first century. at the time of Emperor Vespasian, parallel to the most famous Flavian amphitheater in the world: the Colosseum of Rome. It is elliptical in shape: the main axis is 130 meters long, the shortest one 100 meters. In the center there is a flat space – the arena for fighting. Spectators sat on the stone steps or stood in the gallery. It is estimated that the Arena could hold 20,000 people. It is built in local limestone. In the Middle Ages the Arena was used for knightly tournaments and fairs. Today it is used for various events, including the Pula film festival, as well as for various types of concerts, operas, ballets, sports competitions, etc. and is able to accommodate about 5000 spectators. As part of the ancient historical and entertainment show, “Spectacvula Antiqva”, fights between gladiators are conducted every week during the summer in the Arena. In the underground room that once served the gladiators there is the permanent exhibition “Olive growing and viticulture of Istria in antiquity. It includes reconstructions of the machines for the production of oil and wine (mills, presses, containers for laying) and the amphorae used for their transport. Due to its size and favorable geographical position, the Arena is located outside the walls of old Pula. From here you can reach the city center along the road built in the time of Vespasian, from which it took the name of Via Flavia, one of the main city streets.
Holidays are upon us. Marvel at the fascinating arena entrance Pula Amphitheater in Croatia skip the line You will be amazed and have fun … guaranteed! There is much more to Croatia, surprises and adventures for nature and history lovers! If you need more info ask message whatsapp us at n. +39 3333216400



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